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Taking Hot Selfies

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Get Ready

Find the Right Angle

Adjust your Lighting

Choose your Background
Have Fun!

Taking selfies has become an increasingly popular way of expressing the mood or capturing life’s special moments for many. However, taking hot selfies is much more than just finding the right filter and applying it. Here are several tips to take hot selfies that you’ll love:

Get Ready

Before taking your selfies, make sure to have all the necessary supplies. For starters, it’s best to have a phone with a good camera, a stand or selfie stick, and a beauty kit if need be. Make sure your phone is charged and ready to go!

Find the Right Angle

Finding the right angle helps make your selfie more attractive when you capture it. When taking selfies, experiment with your angles to find one that emphasizes your best features and is the most flattering. It usually takes several tries to get the best angle, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it on the first try.

Adjust your Lighting

Lighting can be an important factor when taking selfies. When indoors, try shooting by the window for natural lightining. Even better, take your selfies outside during the day for an even better effect. To avoid shadows, direct light onto yourself instead of having it behind you. Play with the lighting until you get the right shot you’re looking for.

Choose your Background

The background of your selfies can also enhance it considerably. Pick a backdrop that is aesthetically pleasing and works with the background of your outfit. Another idea would be to pick a location with an interesting architectural look that can become an important part of your photo.

Have Fun!

Selfies should be a fun to express yourself, so make sure to have fun in the process of shooting them. Allow your personality to shine through in your selfie poses so that your photos have a unique look and feel. After taking your selfie, show it off on social media or add it to your selfie album.

Taking hot selfies can be as thrilling as it is rewarding. With these tips, you’ll be able to take selfies that will take your profile to the next level!


How to Take Hot Selfies

Get Ready to Smile

How to make the perfect selfie is all about being prepared, and that starts with making sure you look your best. Make sure your hair is styled, your makeup is done, and you’re wearing something you like. If you’re retouching your selfies, such as removing a pimple or blemish, choose a natural look and don’t overdo it. Lastly, think about facial expressions – it’s hard to look great if you’re not smiling.

Set the Stage

The perfect selfie is more than just how you look – the whole aesthetic matters. Choose a background that is both flattering and fun. If you’re retouching your selfies, choose a background that covers any blemish or imperfections. If you’re not retouching, choose a bright, vibrant background so that your selfie will stand out.

Lighting is Key

The best lighting for selfies typically comes from natural light – either the sun or moon. Standing in front of a large window or stepping outside is the best way to get powerful, beautiful light to create your selfie. To cast a dynamic shadow, move your face slightly away from the light at different angles – this will also make your facial features stand out.

Choose the Right Settings

The settings on your phone or camera play an important role in capturing the perfect selfie. Make sure the shutter speed is high enough that the photo isn’t blurry. You’ll want the aperture and ISO on your camera to be low – the lower you can have them, the better your photo will come out. You should also make sure your white balance is set to either autobias or daylight.

Choose a Good Camera Angle

Choose the right kind of camera angle to make your selfie look its most flattering. If you’re a beginner, it may be useful to start with the classic front-facing selfie. For a more interesting perspective, try holding the camera phone above your head or from the side. When taking a side view selfie, snap from slightly above to emphasize your eyes and make you look more approachable. You can also try the bird’s eye view where you hold the camera directly above you.

Retouch If Necessary

We’ve all been there—you take the perfect selfie and find out in the post-production that there’s a pimple or blemish that needs to be edited out. Don’t worry, there are a variety of editing apps that make it easy to touch up photos on your smartphone. Or, if you’re more familiar with tools such as Photoshop or Lightroom, you can take your selfie editing to the next level.

Learn From Experience

You will learn a lot through practice and experience. Experiment with different facial expressions, backgrounds, and camera angles to see what works best for you. Also find time in the day to experiment with natural light. There are many tips and tricks available to help you take hot selfies, but the best way to find your perfect selfie style is to practice, practice, practice.


How To Take Hot Selfies

Perfect Your Pose

Let’s face it, not everyone is a fan of selfies. But if you’re all about setting the camera on self-timer, here’s our guide to making them smoldering hot. Posing yourself is one way to ensure you look your absolute best. Here, three go-to poses to get you started.

The Come-Hither Look

You know the one. Think Gigi Hadid, smouldering eyes and a coy, come-hither expression that suggests a double-tap moment. The trick here is to angle your body at a slight 45 degrees, to ensure slimming lines. Also, your head should tilt slightly downwards to minimise the size of your forehead.

The Smize Pose

A little sassiness never hurt anyone. So here’s Tyra Banks’ famous modelling trick – the smize. Channel your inner diva and make sure to smile with your eyes for this captivating pose. Don’t forget to stick your chest out slightly for ultra-alluring vibes.

The Flash-A-Smile Pose

If you want to make that selfie fun and flirty, flash a smile. It’s a classic formula that works just as well now as it did back in the day. Opt for a million-dollar grin and turn your face slightly to one side.

Master the Lighting

In the realm of selfies, lighting is your BFF. To be totally camera-ready, it’s important to know how to make the best use of it. Natural lighting from a window is ideal, as it helps soften any harsh shadows on your face. You can also wield all the power of the sun and add a golden glow to your complexion.

Don’t Forget to Boost the Contrast

Play up the light and shade in your photo to give it an ultra-modern look that’s sure to stop hearts. Here’s how – take a selfie near a window but make sure you don’t face it directly. You then need to angle your face to one side, forming a strong contrast between light and dark. Depending on your preference, the shade can be warm or cool.

Choose Your Filter Unwisely

Adding a filter is the perfect way to turn up the glamour stakes. But the choice of filter is equally important, too. Top tip – stick to subtle changes, such as highlights, darkening the shadows, and enhancing the lush colour of your skin.

Go Behind the Lens

Here’s how to add a pro-like twist to your selfies – use the rear camera of your phone as opposed to the front one. Not only will you be able to check the quality of the image, but you’ll be able to capture the full contours of your face, too.

Remember the Angles

Finally, remember the most important rule of awesome selfies – angles are your friends. Choose the right one to flatter your face shape and create maximum impact at the same time.


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How to Take Hot Selfies

Tips For Taking a Great Selfie

Find a Good Lighting Source

The most important thing to consider when taking selfies is finding a good lighting source. Natural, diffused light from a window or outside is best since it’s flattering and won’t cast harsh shadows. Avoid using a flash since it can be unflattering for selfies.

Choose Natural Poses

Avoid posed selfies as they can come off looking stiff and unnatural. Instead, choose candid poses that show off your natural expressions. If necessary, practice various poses in front of the mirror so you can know how to pose for the best selfie.

Edit and Enhance

After you snap the perfect selfie, you may want to give it some finishing touches. If you’re using a mobile app, you can use filters to adjust the colors and brightness. Additionally, you can use the beauty mode to smooth out facial features and make skin look better.

Share Your Selfies

Once you have taken and enhanced your selfie, you can share it with your friends and family via social media channels or directly through messaging apps.


How To Take Hot Selfies

Choose an Amazing Background

One of the most important parts of taking a hot selfie is the background. Choose a location that will make your selfies stand out from the rest. Look for unique places and take advantage of interesting backgrounds. Interesting architecture, nature or sunsets can really make a great selfie.

Natural Lighting is Key

Lighting makes all the difference in taking hot selfies. Natural light is the best way to go. If you are taking a selfie indoors, go near a window and use the natural light coming through. You can also take a selfie outside and use the natural sunlight, but be sure to use the sun to your advantage and check the lighting to make sure it’s not too bright or washed out.

Choose the Perfect Pose

Your pose can make a huge difference in taking a hot selfie. Choose poses with attitude! Show off your confidence and show angles of your face that you like. Show off your assets or something about you that has inspired you.

Compliment your Appearance

Think of ways to make yourself look even more attractive in the selfie. Try wearing a bright lip or wild eye makeup. Put on the outfit you feel most comfortable in. Choose accessories that flatter you and add flair to the picture.

Angles are Everything

It’s important to figure out your angles. Experiment with the different angles while taking the selfie to see what works for you best. Don’t take your selfie from above, this can be unflattering and make your face look wider. You can also make a tilted pose with your head and look directly at the camera to make your face look slimmer.

Editing Tools

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the editing tools that can make your hot selfie stand out from the rest! Brightening, contrast, sharpening, and blur can be great tools but remember, don’t over do it as it can look very unnatural.


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