'Yorkshire's Premier Club'

The club meets every Monday and Wednesday evenings 7.00- 10.15

 New Venue
The Meeting Hall of Charterhouse
Charterhouse Lane
Hull HU2 8AF

Access to the club is via the large black double gates on Charterhouse Lane
Please enter the Club via the door immediately on the left


As of 1/4/2020 this site is now dormant and will not be updated.

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All meetings and events of the club have been suspended due to the Corona virus

"The Corona Virus does not move, people move it. We stop moving, the virus stops moving, the virus dies.
It's that simple."
























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Links to the best chess on the Web


Chess 24 is a European based chess site and is one of the best sites for content.
It is free to register, you are then able to watch live games from tournaments with GM commentary. The 'Banter Blitz' is always entertaining, where a top player plays blitz games against all comers and gives their thoughts as a running commentary to the game. The premium content is of a very high quality with many Grandmaster video lecture contributions.  The news articles are often a few days behind, if it's the latest news you want TWIC and are better. The chess playing side is good with a slick interface but user options are limited,     Click the link above to check it out is an American based site that is very professionally presented. You can play live chess (unrated) and read the news articles for free but to get the best you need to subscribe. The content for subscribers is massive with well presented videos and live game commentary. I particularly like the computer analysis feature available after you finish your game. Click the analysis and the engine quickly shows you ideas you and your opponent missed.


The Week in Chess

The Week in Chess (TWIC)  is one of the pioneers of chess on the Internet. For over 20 years Mark Crowther has been producing the 'Weekly Digest' download of the latest tournament games and news from around the world. It has become the go to place for every Grandmaster to get the latest games and tournament news. Also there is up to the minute coverage of live tournaments. Mark needs your support to keep this amazing resource going.



Free Internet Chess Server

The FICS is one of the oldest chess playing servers on the internet Registration is free and you reserve your handle forever. You will receive a rating. Moreover you will be able to play in the online tournaments, save games for later analysis or have your games annotated by the analysisbot.
To get started download one of the graphical interfaces. (I use the BabasChess one) and get playing straight away. This is a very active site where all levels of chess are played, something here for everyone.





  At the Hull Chess Club you will be guaranteed a warm welcome whether you are a budding Magnus Carlsen, Master or just a simple Woodpusher looking to play a few friendly games.  You are certain to find new friends at our chess club.

 One of the great attractions of the game is that the moves are easy to learn but can take a lifetime to master. Chess is an international game, no matter where a person is from or what social status two players can share a game on equal terms. When you play the outside world drifts away and the players become immersed in their own imagination.  Once someone learns how to play, a game can be found in any city on any continent.
 Each player develops his or her own 'style' and this often reflects in their personality. Some players like to attack, some defend while others play a positional game.
  An interesting fact is that more books have been written about chess than any other subject.

  The Hull Chess Club meets at the The
Meeting Hall of Charterhouse on Monday and Wednesday evenings . The clubs playing conditions are excellent:   Good sized tables and chairs and first-class lighting is offered.  The club provides all the equipment necessary; Boards ,Sets, Clocks and Score sheets etc.
 Tea and Coffee is available for a small charge to players.
  Car parking is easy and free on street after 6.00pm.
   Members are of all experience and ability levels, ranging from 220 to 65 on the ECF grading list. 
  Experienced players will often be happy to offer advice and assistance to beginners  who wishes to improve their game.   Juniors are welcome. The club tries to maintain a junior program where experienced players give training and play games.

 Parents: Your child is welcome at the Hull Chess Club. The Club provides a safe, supervised and friendly atmosphere for young people. Tuition is provided by senior players  who are able to explain and teach all aspects of the game.
 Chess is a mental sport. Experts say the game is the perfect antidote to technology because it teaches children to concentrate for long periods. Children taught chess show improved concentration, numeracy, logical thinking, pattern recognition and problem solving skills. It teaches them to think ahead and that actions have consequences.
hess as an international sport has its own Olympics organised by the international chess federation FIDE.
 The necessary equipment is inexpensive, and the skills it helps develop are invaluable to any child. The world's greatest Grandmasters learned chess in their childhood. As a chess player, your child will learn to concentrate, and act less impulsively. As players progress, they must tap into higher level thinking skills: skills which can translate into superior academic performance. Many of the countries best players have obtained degrees from the top university and gone on to have good careers.

   Competitions and League Chess

    The Club provides competitive chess for members through internal competitions and local league matches all year round. 
  The local leagues are run by the Hull and District Chess Association and further information can be found on their site. HDCA 
  We have competitions and team places available for every playing ability. The club has a long adopted policy that every member can if they wish play for a team in the local league. Teams are also entered into the 'four board' summer leagues.

Club Nights   

  Twice a week on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7.15
 New members welcome on either night.

Junior Chess

   New members and juniors are always welcome at the club.  We run a programme of coaching and internal competitions, (many of our juniors have gone on to county and national level) Juniors are encouraged to take part in internal competitions and play against adults. The clubs best players are often at hand to give talks and advice on all aspects of the game

Yorkshire League

   The Yorkshire Chess Association runs a series of team events in three divisions between clubs. The Woodhouse Cup is one of the oldest leagues in the world, it began in 1885, two weeks before the Football league.
The Hull Chess Club has won the Woodhouse Cup an  unprecedented 14 times in succession between 1987 and 2000.  Matches, both home and away take place on Saturday afternoons played over eight boards.
Over the winter season Hull will take on the best players from cities such as Bradford, Sheffield, Leeds and York.  Currently Hull has one team in the first and one in the second division and team captains are always on the look out for new players.

     On normal club nights 5 minute 'blitz' is very popular among players who have no serious games arranged, Players are encouraged to use a  clock as time is part of the game. The club has bought special clocks to play this type of chess.

     The atmosphere is friendly and visitors are always welcome, you will meet a variety of people interested in chess. Join us at our next meeting -you'll be glad you did!

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"You can never have a life plan if you're going to be addicted to chess"


A group of chess enthusiasts checked into a hotel and were standing in the lobby discussing their recent tournament victories. 

After an hour, the manager came out of the office and asked them to disperse. 

"But why?" they asked, as they moved off. 

"Because," he said, "I can't stand chess nuts boasting in an open foyer."



Hull Chess Club

Club Events for 2019/20


Monday 17th Feb:  Hull Club Open lightning Championship

Monday 13th April:  Hull Club Pairs Tournament

Monday 1st June: Club AGM

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Members Games

 If you have a game you would like to publish here see me either at the club or Email me your game. I will annotate the game if you wish.

Paul Allison - Andrew Bettley HCC Handicap Final 2015

Chengxi Li John Sugden   HCC New Player

Culkin S - Janouby A   Hull Congress 2013

McShane L - Hawksley J GM Challenge Hull

Adams M - Hawksley J GM Challenge Hull 2017