Hull Chess Club Gallery

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Pictures Supplied by Roger Noble (Many more to follow!)


Captions to follow, but if you recognise yourself or recognise other players pictured please contact me. Any other details greatly appreciated;  dates, venues etc. Contact me either at the club or via this link  E-mail


V.Hort ( then No  6 in the world!!) plays 32 players in simul at Riley High sc ( won 26 / drew 2 lost 4) -
date 16/1/78

Hort plays move against Westra with young Culkin and Hailstone in the background


V Hort v John Cooper         

Annual H.D.C.A. dinner - with M.V.Glen in foreground and T.R.Allen behind him. 
Can you spot Peter Brown and E.W.Fisher ?


                Leonard Barden plays a simul against Hull Chess Club Members

Cyril Lord gives Simul at Newland


Harry Golombek gives simul in Hull with Alf Starkey to left ?

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